Our Company  

     Back in 1958 my father was a young hoist installer for a large petroleum company in San Jose, CA.  He soon found himself running the crews and installing lifts for Sears, J.C. Penny's, Montgomery Wards, Midas Mufflers, Shell Gas Stations and many more. 

     He traveled all over the Western United States: California, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho and Washington State. In 1975 my father started his own lift company and found his niche in servicing lifts all over Northern California. 

     From my early childhood and growing up I was able to learn the lifting/hoist business, but like most kids pursued my own career in management and marketing.  

     Because of the need for reputable service companies and quality lifts, I returned to the lift business creating Sawyer and Sons PhD (Professional Hoist Doctors) or just Hoist Doctors.  Now Hoist Doctors is the fastest growing most innovative replica watches service company in Northern CA.  

     We are a division of Sawyer Family Enterprises, Inc. and a leader in lift sales on the Web. Whether it's parts, a lift, or a question about an existing lift Hoistdoctors.com has got you covered.