Facts About In-Ground Lifts  

In-ground lifts ARE NOT illegal...

More and more lift distributors across the country have been commenting about the growing concerns about in-ground lifts by their customers. This question is coming up more frequently because end-users are considering converting their shops back to reliable in-ground lift systems and they want to know the facts before making any decision.

     In-ground lifts simply are not illegal and this knowledge can be found in public records. The most important of which is the Federal Register. The Federal Register is where the laws of our nations regulating bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can be found.

     You will find explicit information on pages 37101 and 37108  of Federal Register, Vol. 53, No. 185 dated Friday, September 23,1988 concerning regulatory exclusions on four classes of tanks. You can click on the provided link to download your own information from the National Archives and Records Administration:


    The final rule contains much information. Therefore, we have picked out information most pertinent to the lift industry.

Regulatory Exclusions

b. Equipment and machinery that contain regulated substances for operational purposes, such as HYDRAULIC LIFT TANKS and electrical equipment are excluded from today's regulations.

Because these tanks contain regulated substances solely for operational purposes, the commenters argued that the loss of regulated substances would be accompanied by faulty operation of the equipment or machinery and thus the equipment is "self monitoring". Second, the threat to human health and the environment was judged to be minimal because the tanks contain small amounts of the regulated substances.

Regulation of these types of tanks would unnecessarily divert implementing agency resources from other, more serious health threats. Therefore, today's final rule excludes such tanks.

d. De Minimis Exclusions. Today's final rule has been modified to exclude the following tanks: (1) Those that have a capacity of less than 110 gallons and (2) those holding a very low concentration of regulated substances.

The State of California - Long known as the leader on environmental issues, is in-ground lift friendly.

In fact, Governor Pete Wilson signed SB 1191 on October 5, 1995
()  to permanently exempt, under state law, HYDRAULIC LIFT TANKS. This decision was based on an in depth study by the (SWRCB) State Water Resources Control Board "Report on Hydraulic Lift Tanks" February 1995 
() .  You can write to the State Water Resources Control Board at PO Box 944212 Sacramento, CA 94244-2120

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